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Book Review: Score More In Exam

Gyanmandu: As we all know that we students enjoy doing various activities but we don’t tend to enjoy our study, Do we? While doing fun activities our right brain gets activated but when it comes to our study or the logical and calculative tasks our left brain gets activated. If we can use our right brain for studying then we can enjoy our study . Also friends our right brain can retrieve about 90% of the things where as left brain can retrieve about 10% only.

Imagine! How wonderful it would be if we could enjoy our study like other fun activities and also we could recall everything we have learned whenever and where ever we would like to. We all know that science has made our life very ease and convenient in the same way have we ever thought that if we use different scientific techniques of studying it can bring ease and convenience to our studying activities as well.

We spend our time and money after teaching students what to remember? But its time to teach them how to remember? Says Author, Motivational Speaker and Life Coach Mr Parikshit Jobanputra.

Mr Jobanputra's Score More In Exam is one of those book which guides and develops students to enhance their memory power, imagination, grasping power, creativity, thought process and many more by activating the right brain. It also helps to reduce our study time and replace our frustration with self-confidence, in addition to that it also helps to learn time management, anger management and health management. I found that this book first lets students understand about amazing brain, memory, facts about forgetting and many problems that students usually face.

This book shares some scientific and effective techniques of learning by engaging our senses in learning process gifted by the mother nature along with their procedure. The Scanning Technique can be used if we want to learn by reading, The Audio Tape Technique can be used if we want to learn by listening, The Memory Chart Technique can be used if we want to learn by seeing and The Group Study Technique can be used if we want to learn by speaking, these are the scientific techniques mentioned on the book by Mr Jobanputra. And friends, it is true that when we use most of our senses in learning then we can imprint better image on our brain which means we will have a great memory of it and can recall whenever we want to.

But this book is not only about the techniques it also teaches about developing the good habits and daily to do and not to do activities which develops our memory power, concentration and makes us mentally strong and sharp and also keeps our body and mind healthy, relaxed and fit. It also alerts us about the components and activities which may have bad impact on our brain and body.

Not only this but the author has also mentioned something very important that most of the books don’t include and that is the measurement technique which helps to set our target and show the progress towards it in other words it reflects our position and our way towards the target we have set.

As I found it to be effective I am personally following this book as my study guide book and I would recommend that all students as well as parents and teachers should go through this book. 
Reviewed By Utsav Dhakal

Score More In Exam Parikshit Jobanputra

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