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राष्ट्रिय वाणिज्य बैंकले कर्मचारीहरु माग्यो

Rastriya Banijya Bank Vacancy

Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited, Central Office, Department of Human Resources Notice regarding filling up of online application form for the post of Contract Service Specialist

As per the provision in Regulation 109 of the Staff Service Regulations 2070 of Rastriya Banijya Bank, the post of a specialist in contract service has to be filled; Interested eligible Nepali citizens who have reached the required minimum educational qualifications and have not committed any offense are invited to apply online from 2077-07-22.

All the details to be filled in the application form specified by the bank along with the prescribed certificates of educational qualifications and passport size photo for the post of Nepali citizenship and applicant must be scanned and attached.


No action will be taken on the online application which has not met the required minimum educational qualifications and has not paid the prescribed examination fee. In addition, he has been disqualified from the service of the Government of Nepal or any organization or bank / financial institution in the future, dismissed from his job, convicted by a court on criminal charges of moral turpitude, as per the regulations and directives issued by Nepal Rastra Bank.

A person designated to be ineligible for appointment to any position in a financial institution, bank. No action will be taken on the application of the person who has been blacklisted without the credit of the financial institution and the candidates who are mentally unbalanced. If the online application form is filled by mentioning false details, the applicant will be responsible for it.

Exam fees should also be submitted online through RBB Mobile Banking or e-Sewa Or Connect IPS. It is also informed that there is no provision for understanding the examination fee through other means.

Job Vacancy Details

1. Ad. No., Position and Required No.

Ad. No Position  Required No.
C1 / 2077/78 Financial Analyst 4
C2 / 2077/78 NFRS Expert / Analyst 4
C3 / 2077/78 Debt Analyst 4

(2) Type and duration of service: - Contract, a period of service 1 year.

(3) Required Minimum Educational Qualification: - Achieved the degree of Chartered Accountancy from a recognized educational institution.

(4) Experience:

i) Preference will be given to financial analysts who have experience in analyzing financial statements.

ii) Preference will be given to NFRS experts/analysts with work experience related to NFRS.

iii) Preference will be given to credit analysts who have experience in credit-related work.

(5) Salary, allowance, and other services, facilities, and conditions: - As prescribed by the bank (to be mentioned in the agreement).

(6) Candidate Selection Method: - Interview.

(7) Posting: - Contract Specialists to be appointed as per the above advertisement will be posted in various departments and offices of the Bank.

(8) The online application form can be filled by visiting the web site as per the instructions given there.

(9) Examination Fee: - Rs.700 / - (Seven Hundred)

(10) Procedure to submit the examination fee: - After submitting the online application form, click on View All Vacancies and go to the Payment Option of the relevant advertisement you have applied for and submit the examination fee as prescribed through RBB Mobile Banking or e-Sewa or Connect IPS. Candidates filling up the application form in more than one advertisement will have to pay a separate fee for each advertisement.

After submitting the online application form, "Form has been submitted", "Payment Successfully Received" after the examination fee has been paid, "... has been Approved" after the filled form has been approved, and "... has been Cancelled" after the filled form has been rejected. Will be received through the given mobile while filling the SMS form. The concerned applicant will have to ascertain whether the corresponding 51/5 has been received or not.

(11) Date of filling online application form: - Online application form start date 2077-07-22 up to 15 days (half-day date 2077-08-06).

(12) Place for conducting an interview: - The central office building of this bank is Singha Durbar Plaza, Kathmandu.

(13) Date of conducting the interview: - Information will be published and informed.

(14) Course of Interview: - Rastriya Banijya Bank's Website is placed in the Career Notice.

(15) Only those issued till the last date of submission of the application (20770-08-06) regarding educational qualification, experience, a period of service, and other certificates will be recognized.

(16) The Bank shall have full authority to approve, reject, and cancel the application.

(17) If there is any ambiguity while filling the online application form, it can be understood by contacting the telephone no. 014252595, extension no. 3549 and 3548  

(Published: 2077-07-22)

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